Mr Tim Wilson MP visiting Hampton Community Centre

Tim Wilson MP spoke in Parliament in May 2020 about his opportunity to meet with Hampton Community Centre and see the support we are offering to Senior residents in the Bayside community delivering vegetables and bread whilst in CODID-19 restrictions.

Rod Quantock (OAM) gets serious about ageing - Podcast Series

The Rod Quantock gets serious about ageing podcast series aims to raise awareness of elder abuse and ageism while challenging ageist attitudes which can create environments where elder abuse can occur or is accepted.

25th August 2020

Guest speakers were :
  • Adam Wilson, Victoria Gold Club
  • Linda Dennison, Holmesglen Institute
  • Kim Norden, Outreach Officer HNCH

22nd September 2020

Guest speakers were :
  • Kerry Andersson a Diploma of Community Services Student from Holmesglen TAFE
  • Jill Saville from Highett RSL Women’s Auxiliary
  • Colleen Rooth from Cheltenham Rotary’s Community Chair
  • Natalie Driessen from Highett Bendigo Bank
  • Marlene Johnson President of both Highett & Hampton Community Houses plus candidate for Bayside Council

27th October 2020

Guest speakers were :
  • Mark Rushby, Member and volunteer with Highett Neighbourhood Community House
  • Sophia, Table Birds, Highet
  • Candice Lyons
  • Sara Fliess, Sara Fliess Fitness



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