Paintings can be viewed at Highett Neighbourhood Community House, 2 Livingston Street, Highett

Emelia Porter - Term 1, 2021

Sam Temby - Term 2, 2021

Suzy Lee - Term 3, 2021

Term 4, 2021

Please contact the artist directly if you would like to purchase a painting. 10% off every painting sold gets donated to the Community Centre.


1. The Artist must be the sole creator of all paintings submitted to be displayed.

2. The Artist agrees to paintings being published/shown on HNCH & HCC Social Media.

3. The painting will be displayed for one school term only unless otherwise stated.

4. Artists to provide 1 A4 sheet of “Artist bio” to mount on the wall with paintings.

5. Artist must be a current student, tutor or employee of either HNCH & HCC.


1. All framed paintings must be suitability framed for hanging with a clip, D-ring and wire (preference) on the backs.

2. Title, size, price, medium, artist’s name and phone number should be attached to the base of each painting. See the example below.

3. Each painting is to have the artist’s name and title written on the back of each painting.

4. HNCH or HCC may reserve the right to refuse a submission if framing or painting is not suitable.

5. Canvas paintings are okay to supply without a frame but must be supplied with D-ring and wires on the back.

6. We prefer all canvas paintings must have the side edges of the canvas painted, white or a timber frame.

7. Framing preference is a plain white wooden border or one that may suit the painting.

8. Please keep framing consistent across all paintings submitted.


1. HNCH or HCC to receive a 10% commission on any sale price sold through our centres.

2. The staff at HNCH or HCC will exercise all reasonable care but will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any painting in its custody.

3. HNHC and HCC staff are responsible for the hanging of all paintings and none are to be removed or moved by the artists unless you get permission from an HNCH or HCC staff member first.

4. HNCH or HCC will contact the artist prior to the paintings being removed to allow the artist to collect paintings within 7 days. If not collected within 7 days the paintings will go into storage for a 6-month period and then may be disposed of.

5. The sale of any painting is between the purchaser and the artist.

6. Once a painting is sold and paid for, the artists must contact the venue immediately for the painting to be released to the purchaser


All visitors to our centre must respect all workers and volunteers. No inappropriate behaviour is accepted in our centres.


We do not offer refunds for classes due to a change in your personal circumstances. If your class is impacted by Covid shutdowns we will reschedule your class or it will run via Zoom.