Community Connector

Community Connector

Are you looking to connect back into your community? Looking for local activity and services? Do you want to make changes to improve your physical and mental health and well-being? Kate, our Community Connector, is available FREE to work with you to co-design a health and well-being plan that is appropriate for you. Contact her now to arrange a suitable time to Zoom online, phone or in person (socially distant of course!).

Kate – 0492 800 592 or email


The Community Connector Program is part of our Social Prescribing project which is an emerging ‘treatment’ in Australia and it is seeking to address the underlying causes of mental and physical ill-health i.e. social isolation, loneliness, obesity. Social Prescribing refers to the practice of working with a participant to co-design a health and well-being plan that connects the patient to relevant community and voluntary activities and support.

The UK has been trialling Social Prescribing projects for around 5 years and they have yielded positive health and well-being results with participants reporting improvements connected to self-esteem, confidence, reduced social isolation and loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness in our Australian communities on the rise and we are keen to address this in our community with your support.

To find out more about Social Prescription click here


We do not offer refunds for classes due to a change in your personal circumstances. If your class is impacted by Covid shutdowns we will reschedule your class or it will run via Zoom.


All visitors to our centre must respect all workers and volunteers. No inappropriate behaviour is accepted in our centres.