Bayside Polio Support Group

Facilitated by

Shirley Glance & Peter Willcocks


Shirley 0411 660 860 Peter 0431 117 950



A fantastic support group for those living with Polio and their families. Our monthly meetings generate friendship and understanding. We have 61 active members and a further 60 friends of the Bayside Polio Group. Speakers share their expertise and experience at our meetings. We publish a monthly newsletter and are kept up to date from Polio Health International, Polio Australia, Post Polio Victoria, Polio Network Victoria, Polio Services (St. Vincent’s Hospital) and other post-polio specialists.

Contact Details:

Shirley Glance 0411 660 860

Peter Willcocks 0431 117 950

A poem written by one of the group

To our new friends we can’t pretend

To our support group friends we cannot hide behind our inability.

We’ve all been bound hand and foot knew the splints and hot plasters injection, dejection, infection, subjection, and the ultimate resurrection.

We’ve shared the pain of other’s cries

Shared years of forlorn looks and terrifying physio hours and hours of you can you can do it just a little more…

No more No more No more

Our support group friends understand the push of others desires.

Our kindred spirits all live the indignity of “I know I could yesterday, but today I just can’t. OK.”

Our support friends understand the autumn sun, to shed our pain to hold on rest a while take a breath and try once more.

Our support friends understand our dissent and why we try ever so hard not to be noticed different clumsy difficult

To our support friends we can’t pretend that we’re just friends.

Peter, Bayside Polio Support Group


All visitors to our centre must respect all workers and volunteers. No inappropriate behaviour is accepted in our centres.


We do not offer refunds for classes due to a change in your personal circumstances. If your class is impacted by Covid shutdowns we will reschedule your class or it will run via Zoom.