Wellness with Sound Healing

An Evening of Self Care & Nurturing the Mind, Body & Soul.
Wellness Evenings run every month on a Friday evening and celebrate the season of that month.

DATES: March 14th 2022
TIME: 7.30 pm till 9 pm 
COST: $35 (Payment details on booking with Kathleen)
VENUE: Highett Neighbourhood Community House
ADDRESS: 2 Livingston Street Highett
BYO: Pillow/cushion & drink bottle

This is a time for you to reset the emotional and physical wellbeing, to a place of Wellness. A time for the Mind and Body to be still. Take this time for Self, to nurture & nourish your Mind, Body & Soul. 

Each month we will celebrate what the correlating season is and how this can affect you emotionally and physically and I will give you tips on how to rebalance your energy.

  • Celebrate with essential oil and learn how it can support your Wellbeing
  • EFT Tapping to reset the nervous system 
  • Intention setting with a take-home journal just for you
  • Bathe in a Sound Healing Meditation and Breathwork to reset, recharge your emotional and physical Wellbeing                                                

Contact Kathleen either by phone 0401 034 054 or message by email or on social media ~ Instagram or Facebook, to book and pay to secure your spot ~ limited spots available. More details on website www.kathleenkinesiology.com 



We do not offer refunds for classes due to a change in your personal circumstances. If your class is impacted by Covid shutdowns we will reschedule your class or it will run via Zoom.


All visitors, employees, volunteers and contractors over the age of 14+ must be fully vaccinated (double dosed) and show proof on arrival.