Wellness with Sound Healing

An Evening of Self Care & Nurturing the Mind, Body & Soul.
Wellness Evenings run every month on a Friday evening and celebrate the season of that month.

DATES: May 14th, June 18th, July  16th, August 13th
TIME: 7.30 pm till 9 pm 
COST: $35 (Payment details on booking with Kathleen)
VENUE: Highett Neighbourhood Community House
ADDRESS: 2 Livingston Street Highett
BYO: Pillow/cushion & drink bottle

This is a time for you to reset the emotional and physical wellbeing, to a place of Wellness. A time for the Mind and Body to be still. Take this time for Self, to nurture & nourish your Mind, Body & Soul. 

Each month we will celebrate what the correlating season is and how this can affect you emotionally and physically and I will give you tips on how to rebalance your energy.

  • Celebrate with essential oil and learn how it can support your Wellbeing
  • EFT Tapping to reset the nervous system 
  • Intention setting with a take-home journal just for you
  • Bathe in a Sound Healing Meditation and Breathwork to reset, recharge your emotional and physical Wellbeing                                                

Contact Kathleen either by phone 0401 034 054 or message by email or on social media ~ Instagram or Facebook, to book and pay to secure your spot ~ limited spots available. More details on website www.kathleenkinesiology.com