Learn Spanish Online

Spanish for Beginners – Ideal for absolute beginners, step into the language & learn the basics of conversation & grammar. This is a semester-based course.  These courses are carefully structured in levels. Learning units are organised into sections by skills, vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation.

TUTOR: Claudia Ramognino & Analia Nobelis
TO BOOK EMAIL: adminhcc@highett.org.au

Spanish for Beginners: Starts Wednesday 4th November for 6 weeks.
Wednesdays 2:00 pm-3:30 pm
A semester-long program, across two school terms.

1st Term:
Wednesday 4th November – Wednesday 9th December – 6 weeks
$150 plus a $10 Membership Fee (if not already a 2020 member)
2nd Term:
Wednesday 3rd February – Wednesday 31st March – 9 weeks
$225.  The cost includes a soft copy of the Beginners Booklet

Spanish A1: Tuesday’s 7 pm – 8:30 pm, Tutor: Claudia 

Spanish A1: Wednesday’s 9 am-  10:30 am, Tutor: Claudia

Spanish A2: Wednesday’s 7 pm – 8:30 pm, Tutor: Claudia 

Spanish B1: Tuesday’s 5 pm – 6:30 pm, Tutor: Analia 

Spanish B1: Thursday’s 5 pm – 6:30 pm, Tutor: Analia

Term 2, 2020 (10/11 weeks): $250 – $275
Term 3, 2020 (10 weeks): $250
Term 4, 2020 (10 weeks): $250 – Tuesday’s (9 weeks) $225

These classes run school terms only. 

TO BOOK EMAIL: adminhcc@highett.org.au


For First-time Zoom Users 

To be able to join in you will need to make a ‘Zoom’ account. Visit https://zoom.us/ on your computer and click on ‘sign up it’s free’. On phone or iPad you can download the ‘zoom’ app from your App store. It is totally FREE and is a great system. Zoom will send you an email to confirm your account and create a password for your access. Don’t forget your password, you will need it when you log in. Zoom allows us to see one another in real-time so we still have the connection we have when we see each other in class. It’s great.


How do I improve the quality of my virtual class?

• Firstly. you will need a reasonable internet connection. 

• If you turn off your video on your phone or iPad at your end on ‘Zoom’ your device will work better. Although, if its working fine pls leave it, I love to see you all working. Laptops no need to turn off the video.

• If you want to put it on your telly the best option is to use the HDMI cable direct to a laptop. It syncs perfectly. If you are heading out you can try Officeworks/JBhifi or order online (or ask your tech support) Even my 15-year-old telly has an HDMI connection in the back.

• If you are using wifi to connect your iPad or phone to the telly it will work but there can be a bit of a delay. Turning your video off will help with this a bit.

• If you would like a better sound you can connect a speaker to your device via cable input or Bluetooth.


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